Buy-a-Bale: Practical support for farming people when it is needed.

Charity week at Robb College, UNE this week beginning 30 June 2014: Young people serving the community

This post is a shout out for a residential university college I am affiliated with – Robb College, University of New England, Armidale.  If you are on campus at UNE or in Armidale, NSW this week and some in brown overalls asks you to donate – DO! It is for a great cause.

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Almost 200 young people live at Robb College each year while they study at UNE. I am privileged to get to know many of them – cheering them on as they work their way towards professional futures. It is a lot of fun… each year I am amazed at the caliber of the young people I meet at Robb. Sometimes older people are quick to dismiss young people, blaming them for societal ills… But, each year the young people I meet at Robb give me great hope and inspiration for the future. The young people I know are community minded and service driven, and I admire them for that. Each year at Robb there is a major fund raiser for charity and each year I am astonished at the hard work that goes into raising vital funds for many important causes. For the last few years the residents of Robb have been raising charity funds with a nude calender. This year the cause is Buy-A Bale to support farmers who have had a tough time with drought. Please consider buying a calendar to support the charity drive over the next few weeks... and add you voice of encouragement to the development of service in the lives of these young people, as well as the farmers who receive the help.

If you would like to know more about Robb College and their charity Buy-A-Bale here are the links:


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