About Prof Rhonda Wilson RN PhD

I am an Australian Nurse  working as Professor in Nursing (mental health and digital health) in Australia, New Zealand and until recently E Mental Health in Denmark. My job is all about developing new interventions in mental health utilising a wide range of technology to build clinical resources to address a variety of mental heath problems.

I am a registered nurse with a wide and long experience of nursing across regional Australia. As a rural and regional person – I understand the needs and challenges of health care delivery to hard to reach people and places.

I am particularly interested to ensure that my research is clinically relevant to people in hard to reach places. My PhD and post doctoral work concentrate of the emerging and early mental health problems of young rural people, and how they can be helped early to recover from mental health distress, problems or disorders.

I have particular interests in E mental health, rural mental health ecology, mental health and disaster recovery, rural nursing and the use of social media in nursing and health care around the world.

I count it a privilege to be able to produce some of the evidence on which other clinicians can rely on, to inform their practice… It is another privilege to be able to educate nursing and health professions students about how to care for people with mental health problems, and in do so, I hope I can positively influence the quality of clinical care for people requiring mental health care locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, through the people I have taught as they each deliver health services in the future.

I love nursing, and I love mental health research. I want to encourage mental health nurses everywhere to be champions for mental health promotion and prevention of illness in their own communities, everywhere. This blog is an eclectic mix of conversation, information and reflection. It is designed to cheer on the mental health nurses and other professionals who are responsible for the mental health care others. Everyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to join in the conversation!

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  1. sherbet123

    Hi Rhonda,
    Congratulations on your career and your passion for your work educating others. Rural mental health work is so valuable.
    I am testing a new idea in relation to nurse recruitment (which I know is a challenge in rural areas) and was wondering if I could email you to ask for your thoughts on my idea? I know you must be very busy, any feedback big or little would be helpful!
    Kind Regards,
    Delia Timms

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