#Research2015 . Days 2&3 in Nottingham @RCN Nursing Conference

Such a buzz to spend with international nursing colleagues – all gathered for the same reason… to improve the delivery of nursing care to people…

300 nursing brains all turned to nursing excellence… that has got to be good for world health!

The digital impact of our discussions is sizzling hot… there are countries smaller than our impact!

5,545,572 Impressions
4,916 Tweets
579 Participants
51 Avg Tweets/Hour
Avg Tweets/Participant

A few highlights:

Professor Siobhan Nelson (Canada) urged us to think about how we describe our work as nurses – simple but challenging – because the way we allow ourselves to be described influences how others will describe and collaborate with us… My tweet:

matters . How we describe ourselves will influence how others describe us too.

I was inspired by Shirley Baah-Mensah, who reminded nurses in minority groups to aspire to success. My tweet:

We have to be brave, have courage to make thing better for the future:equal in value, no matter what their color -Mensah

Dr Kay Currie from Glasgow described the use of nominal group techniques to build a survey instrument… that got me thinking! I got a little distracted by some creepily disturbing entomology though… https://twitter.com/RhondaWilsonMHN/status/590443032933171200

Andrew Grundy presented soem mental health research findings about Mental Health care planning that struck a chord… my tweet:

talks abt #care#planning being abt what the provider needs, not serviceusers’

Prof Lesley Wilkes presented some disturbing research findings… very confronting – commendable research. Must have been hard for the researchers to keep hearing about the topic over and over again – but yet an important contribution to improve nursing knowledge and practice. My tweet:

Confronting but needed: Results of 1st study in Australia abt experiences of among African migrant woman

Professors: Carole Haigh, Debra Jackson and Graeme Smith share some very useful tips about the job of a peer reviewer… very helpful tips…

At the end of April 22, 2015

“>day two… still smiling!

Day three… My presentation day…. two presentations done and dusted. Thank you to the nurses that came and asked interested questions and engaged with my work – much appreciated. 🙂 Here are some tweets by others about my work:








… super engagement… have had a great time – thinking, considering, scheming, plotting and planning abotu future research to continue to contribute to a better future for nursing and for our patients…

and – kind of got invited back I guess

Edinburgh 2016… book me in!


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