Professional use of Twitter (my #ACMHN2013 conference poster)

Health professional use of social media is a growing concern – and it is a future demand of health clients. Health Professionals really need to be ahead of the game in that regard! Stay tuned for more about this topic from me too! There are great opportunities for rural health professionals to take an advantage in cyberland….. where distant and drought have no bearing! I am pleased to see nurses are picking up some skills, and enthusiasm for health related social media, and I suspect this bodes well for public health generally. 🙂

See you in Perth.
And – thanks for citing me!


At the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses 39th International Mental Health Nursing Conference (Perth, 22nd-24th October 2013) there are three poster presentations (no oral presentations) regarding social media:

  1. Utilising social media collaboratively to strengthen interdisciplinary understanding and networking (Zara Mills)
  2. Twitter: a contemporary nursing conversation tool (Rhonda Wilson)
  3. Turbocharging mental health nursing collaboration and partnerships: professional use of Twitter (me)

Social media is a good fit for the conference theme “Collaboration and Partnerships in Mental Health Nursing” (hence the full name of my presentation). There are many examples of nurses acting as “digital citizens“, reflecting the ever-changing practice domains and the importance of partnerships to the nursing professions. My poster presentation cites four examples of nurses embracing social media, adapting content that I have accrued on my blog and presented as the closing plenary session at the ACMHN Consultation Liaison / Perinatal Infant Mental…

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