Vale Emeritus Professor Faith Trent AM FACE

Just six months ago, I was lucky enough to share an evening with some friends and colleagues at a retirement farewell dinner for Emeritus Professor Faith Trent AM FACE. She was a significant mentor for me, and today as I am saddened to hear of her passing, I am reminded of her advice and I am grateful for her kindness shown to me. I am being quick to say thank you… in memory and honour of her I am reblogging this post. Vale Emeritus Professor Faith Trent AM FACE

Professor Rhonda Wilson PhD RN

Ten Tips I picked up this week from a very successful retiring academic colleague about securing a long and successful professional life:
1. “If you live long enough- things happen” – you’ll need endurance and tenacity
2. Make sure you can recognise luck when it comes along and don’t waste the opportunity it brings with it
3. Have broad interests – look beyond your own discipline and always be ready to learn
4. Travel
5. Networks are everything – build strong networks
6. Find innovative ways to manage difficult people
7. Choose your battles carefully – let some things ride…
8. Take risks…
9. For academics…Remember: Teaching pays the bills!
10. Be nice to people – listen to them… hear them… be quick to say thank you.

an 11th has been added by another highly regarded sage academic (retired) – Do not forget to privilege research and publication. Sequester time for…

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