Selected mental health video compilation for health professionals & students

This blog is a compilation of a ‘google’ mental health brains trust… a selection of mental health videos for improving the  understanding of mental health for health professions and students. There is no particular order or pattern, purely selected as an overview or starting point for people interested in learning more about mental health generally. It is offered as an introduction to an important topic of interest to people all over the world, to assist in reducing stigma and increasing general understanding of mental health issues.

Video one: A global perspective:

Vikram Patel  – TED TALK

  • Mental illness is a global health problem.
  • Suicide is the leading cause of death fro young people globally.
  • mental illness accounts for 15% of global burden of disease.
  • WHO reports 400-500 million people affected by mental health problems.
  • Despite good and robust treatments (eg pharmacological, social and psychological) a treatment gap is 50-90% of affected people.
  • Global shortage of mental health professionals.

Video two: A lived experience of psychosis

Elyn Saks  – TED TALK

  • A legal scholar shares her experiences of Schizophrenia.
  • a great definition of schizophrenia
  • excellent description of the components that make up an experience of schizophrenia.
  • people first – never describe a person as a ‘schizophrenic’ – rather a ‘person with schizophrenia’.

Video three: The lived experience of depression

 JD Schramm – TED TALK

  • a very short report on the experience of attempting suicide and then choosing to live.
  • deciding to live can be a struggle and people need and want support and resources to help through this time.

Video four: Police dealing with suicide attempts 

Kevin Briggs -TED TALK

  • Challenge – what would you do if someone you knew was considering suicide?
  • What happens when you open Pandora’s box and you discover hope is missing.
  • Be ready to listen?
  • If you think someone is suicidal? Don’t be afraid to ask directly.
  • Signs of suicidal thinking and planning.

Video five: Autism – the extra-ordinary

Faith Jegede

  • the lived experience of siblings with autism

Video six Psychosis animation


  • an account of the the experience of psychosis presented as an animation.

Video seven: a nursing student placement experience

Birmingham City University

  • what to expect on a mental health nursing student placement.

Video eight: community mental health nursing

Western Trust 

  • description of the role of community mental health nurse.

Video nine: Mental health. A person centred approach

Cambridge University Press

  • a text book for mental health professions students

Video ten: 1/100th of me – Craig


  • challenging stigma

Video eleven: 1/100th of me – Katrina


  • challenging stigma  – young people.

Video twelve: 1/100th of me -Amy


  • challenging stigma – young rural person.

Video thirteen: Mental Health in Australia

2012 report card

  • Professor Alan Fells
  • Professor Patrick McGorry
  • Barbara Hocking

Video fourteen: Youth mental health


  • an explanation of the headspace model for youth mental health in Australia

Video fifteen: Youth suicide risk assessment

Uni SA – Professor Nicholas Proctor

  • An excellent example of assessing a young person following panadol overdose

Video sixteen: Typical neuroleptics


  • This post is for mental health nurses -especially those in developing countries where first generation anti psychotics medications are commonly used. A youtube lecture about haloperidol administration

Video seventeen: Suicide risk assessment: young man

A suicide risk assessment interview with a young man within hours of trying to end his life

Video eighteen: A collection of conference presentations from the International Association of Early Psychosis Tokyo 2014.

The latest research reports about innovation and best practice fro early psychosis

… the list will go on! feel free to send me any tips on other great mental health videos to add to the compilation!


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