Chocolate survival in the presence of health professionals- a threatened commodity!

Chocolate survival in the presence of health professionals- a threatened commodity!

Proof at last….. Nurses love chocolate gifts….and they prefer Roses over Quality Street! This is important information for anyone who knows a nurse, because now you know what to give that person for Christmas!!!!!

Scientific evidence allows you to be assured that within about 5 minutes the nurse recipient will have ripped open the box and within 1 1/2 hours he or she will have consumed about a third of a boxful of chocolates…. then they slow down the pace of consumption a little but this should be seen as a lack of gratitude but rather – the data seems to indicate that by about a third of a box of consumption… nurses (and other health professionals)simply tend to continue their consumption at a slightly reduced rate! The researchers only used a 350 gram box… it is unknown if the size of the box really matters – so you might be best advised to try a range of sizes….. perhaps bigger is better (a future study perhaps!)

Surely some replication in Australian settings would contribute further important disciplinary information! Thanks to Kim Usher for the share of this scholarly journal article. 

Merry Christmas! Hope the survivor-ship of your Christmas chocolates is all that you would want it to be  -and your ‘decay’ curve is mitigated! 


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