Mental health. A person-centred approach.

Mental Health A Person-Centred Approach
Nicholas Procter, Helen Hamer, Denise McGarry, Rhonda Wilson and Terry Froggatt

Mental Health: a person-centred approach aligns leading mental health research with the human connections that can and should be made in mental health care. It seeks to deepen readers’ understanding of themselves, the work they do, and how this intersects with the lives and crises of people with mental illness.

This book adopts a storytelling approach, which encourages engagement with the lives and needs of consumers and carers in mental health. It has a nursing focus but considers the broader health context and a range of practice settings.

Each chapter features learning objectives, reflective and critical thinking questions, extension activities and further reading. Chapters also include stories of those with direct experience recovering from mental illness, using mental health services or giving mental health support.

Mental Health: a person-centred approach is a comprehensive resource which utilises fresh thinking to support the development of safe, high-quality, person-centred care in both the Australian and New Zealand context.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to mental health and mental illness: Human connectedness and the collaborative consumer narrative
2. Learning through human connectedness on clinical placement: Translation to practice
3. The social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal Australians
4. Maori mental health
5. Assessment of mental health and mental illness
6. Legal and ethical aspects in mental health care
7. Mental health and substance use
8. Nutrition, physical health and behaviour change
9. Mental health of people of migrant and refugee background
10. Gender, sexuality and mental health
11. Mental health of children and young people
12. Mental health of older people
13. Rural and regional mental health
14. Mental health in the interprofessional context
15. Conclusions: Looking to practice

ISBN: 9781107667723
Cambridge University Press • Private Bag 31 • Port Melbourne • VIC • 3207
Customer Service: | phone: +61 (03) 8671 1400 | fax: +61 (03) 9676 9966

Edited by: Nicholas Procter – University of South Australia, Helen Hamer – Auckland University, Denise McGarry – Charles Sturt University, Rhonda Wilson – University of New England and Terry Froggatt – University of Wollongong

Publication Date: February 2014 AUD $89.95

• In each chapter, consumers and/or carers of people with a mental illness provide narratives of firsthand experience, to ensure readers are fully engaged with the needs of consumers and carers in mental health. Written for this text, these narratives encourage deep learning to support the development of safe, high-quality person-centred care.
• Provides a consistent human inquiry approach to engagement with people with mental illness and the people who care for them.
• Provides a nursing focus, but considers the broader health context and a range of practice settings.
• Provides a positive, respectful approach to mental health (rather than an illness focus) for the next generation of the workforce.
• Includes extensive pedagogy within each chapter, including reflective questions, key terms, critical thinking questions and learning extensions.
• Includes comprehensive online support material.

Mental Health. A Person-Centred Approach



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